Parkside Beverage is Different

At Parkside Beverage, you will not be handed off to an inexperienced formulator, but you will work directly with the owner, Cydney Whitmoyer.

How have I gotten to this point? Since leaving my beloved Penn State University with a Bachelors Degree in Food Science, I have spent the last 30 years formulating nearly every kind of beverage, liquid, or drink that is non-alcoholic. To date, at least 325 individual products have been commercially produced.

Having worked at a large beverage company and a flavor company prior to starting this business, I understand how to source the proper ingredients, test them thoroughly, and then guide clients to the proper packaging options, co-packing locations and services, and all the steps between.

Since 1997, I’ve helped startup businesses realize their dream of starting a new beverage company or simply to know, finally, that their idea is possible. Existing brands have received service to improve, reduce costs, or fix problems – all from my personal laboratory.

This extensive work means I have a thorough knowledge of solubility, ingredient interactions, flavoring and masking, storage changes, formula and label preparation, as well as commercial production.

Previous clients will tell you to expect blatant direct honesty, commitment to what I promise, and the opportunity for the client to also be themselves in our working arrangements.

When I am not in the lab, you may find me drinking Diet Mountain Dew, singing in a worship band, shoe shopping, baking, or perhaps watching TV with my husband, Jeff, in our Pennsylvania home.