Own and control your formulas

Samples for potential investors or distributors

Understand how formula, package and process work together

Parkside Beverage is providing service, not selling you ingredients, therefore your formula is not held hostage.

Samples are processed as closely as possible in the lab to the actual commercial bottling process.   Formulas will be tested for shelf life and potential changes.

Cydney will source all the ingredients and advise you on costing, COGS, and purchasing processes.

The benefit of speaking only to your beverage technologist is that you become educated on how to speak to vendors, bottlers, and packaging companies.   Cydney takes the time to prepare you to manage your business.

Not every liquid can be processed into every package.    You will learn how process, pH, ingredient selection and packaging interactions will enhance your shelf life and therefore to define your concept properly.

If you do not currently own your formulation, let’s discuss how you can.