About Parkside Beverage

Parkside Beverage takes great pride in utilizing a high level of expertise and knowledge for each and every project. We are focused and determined to give every client the highest level of personal service to deliver unparalleled results.

Cydney Whitmoyer (President)

Mrs. Whitmoyer's beverage experience dates back to 1989 where she was trained by top beverage industry scientists at Cadbury Schweppes. This position offered invaluable experience in carbonated soft drink development. She moved from there to formulating hundreds of beverage formulations yearly in McCormick & Company's Beverage Flavor Applications department. These formulations involved almost every type of non-alcoholic beverage.

Since 1997, Cydney took on the challenge of creating and building a dynamic and successful consulting firm called Parkside Beverage.

With clients in over 25 US States and Canada, Cydney has worked to maintain on-going personal interest in each client as well as the products and brands they continue to work and build. Her business is clearly focused on helping start-ups and smaller type beverage companies, but her strategic services also extend to large companies and well established brands. Cydney's primary focus in working with clients is on advising and teaching them about their beverage, how the business and industry works, and involving them directly in all parts of the development, formulation and production processes.

Mrs. Whitmoyer is proud to have earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science from Penn State University.